True Other Transcription

undoing aloneness through accompaniment…word-for-word

It is my pleasure to offer you a unique and specialized video transcription service – True Other Transcription – used by many therapists in preparing micro-analysis as well as for training/skill enhancement and manuscript purposes. Your work comes alive as I efficiently and accurately capture and track moment-to-moment verbal and non-verbal experiences within sessions, which is extremely valuable for AEDP/EFT/somatically informed therapists. Videos of your work with individuals, couples or group trainings can be conveniently and confidentially downloaded into a secure and HIPPA compliant inbox from anywhere. Soon after, you receive the completed transcript (including time codes and true verbatim) as an email attachment – either in grid format (with space to add your process and intervention notes) or script format (preferred for manuscript work).

I have transcribed over 800 hours of clinical video sessions and welcome the opportunity to save you precious time and increase value by bringing your work to life. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California and North Carolina and AEDP Institute member with AEDP training. Please contact me by phone (415.488.5565 PST) or email at for additional information regarding fees, supported file formats or references.

“I strongly recommend Karen Batka for AEDP transcriptions. Karen has the training and background as an AEDP therapist that makes her an excellent choice for transcriptions for the certification process and for faculty or others who need transcripts for training purposes. Karen has the capacity to bring transcriptions to life by including commentary about breathing changes, eye brightness or dimming, bodily posture and gestural expressions that include more channels of experience than the auditory alone.” D.M.

“Karen’s transcriptions are perfectly intuitive, and intuitively perfect. Once she transcribed some sessions for me, I was able to use AEDP in completely different ways. I gleaned tons of transformance that was brewing below the surface; her work allowed my work to rise from my heart to my brain and back again. Plus, she’s really easy to work with. I hope to meet her some day in my travels out to CA, and I imagine you’ll feel the same way after you work with her.” J.S.