What is EmBodhiWork?

EmBodhiWork is holistic psychotherapy for cultivating the capacity and resilience to be with your whole Self…awake in this life.

Life changes often challenge our ability to feel calm, confident or content.  It may be that parts of the Self have shut down due to wounding, trauma, pain, loss, anger, and aversions to suffering.   Perhaps you wish to re-claim personal power and peace by discovering where and how you can be at choice in your life.  Maybe you hope to rediscover your spark of aliveness and joy – to become more of who you are.

An essential part of my work with you is undoing alone-ness – developing a relationship with you by engaging my gifts of presence, patience, perception, empathy, wisdom, warmth, humor and compassion – a portal through which you might contact your self-at-best.

I trust that you have your own best answers.  Therefore, one of my goals in therapy is to mindfully help you unpack, remember or discover your inner wisdom to empower you to make life choices with a sense of clarity and purpose – strengthening your own knowing “muscle.” A key part of the process often involves re-scripting: de-constructing and challenging self-limiting thoughts and beliefs in order to create a healthier life paradigm.

In her book, Healing the Dark Emotions,  Miriam Greenspan states, “A grief deferred is a grief prolonged.”  In my experience, it is not the pain of loss but rather the aversion to feeling the pain – trapped behind a wall of meaning – that causes unnecessary suffering.  So one hope I hold for you is that, by learning to increase the capacity to be with all of your feelings, you can experience greater resiliency and vitality in your life.

Whether you are an individual, couple, family or group, I work with you to facilitate, navigate and incorporate change on a variety of life transition issues including: loss, relationship, parenting, divorce, career, aging, spiritual growth, sexual orientation and relocation/acculturation.

The word Bodhi (Pali, Sanskrit) means to awaken.  It is said that the Buddha attained enlightenment – a state of clear understanding – under a banyan tree at Bodh Gaya, today known as the Bodhi Tree.